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The Basics of Starting a New Coconut Plantation

The Basics of Starting a New Coconut Plantation

I have been receiving quite a few requests of late regarding information in setting-up a coconut plantation. While I would love to write a comprehensive coverage of all aspects involved in establishing a coconut plantation, it will be an enormous undertaking, and something that cannot be covered simply in blog posts.
Instead, I will give some basics of starting a new coconut plantation, the key cost elements and man-power management requirements.

Alright then, let's get down to it.

There are a number of important stages when attempting to set up a successful coconut plantation. Now, a lot of people may think: “What’s so difficult? Just look for a germinated coconut, dig a hole, and plant it!”
Well, that method may work if all you want is a coconut tree, or if the coconuts are meant to be ornamental plants. But for a thriving, production coconut plantation, extra care and consideration will be needed.
A summary of these steps and stages ar…

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